Saturday, January 2, 2010

A quick look back on 2009

As the year started, our home search ended. Negotiations, inspections, renovations and in February we moved into our first home.
In April, as the flowers blossomed, our baby girl we welcomed. Grace was born on the twenty second, and yes having a little girl is amazing.
In May we celebrated a great milestone. It is hard to believe since she does not look a day over twenty eight that Eileen turned forty on the twenty nineth.
Summer made way to more milestones and celebrations.
As Matthew graduated, Yaya (for the very first time) and Papi were on their way from France to attend Grace's Baptism.
On June twenty eight, Eileen and I had a great dinner (compliments of Grandma and Grandpa) to mark our sixth anniversary
What a great summer we had. Matthew got to meet Freddie during his first visit to the new Yankee Stadium and Grace spent her first day at the beach.
John turned two on the last day of August and September brought some big changes.
I stopped working full time and now I work only forty hours a week (that is a part time job in the restaurant business.) The remaining hundred and twenty eight hours, I spend them being the "king of the daddies".

We had a blast in the Fall too. Apple picking, leaf blowing, getting ready for Halloween and Thanksgiving kept us busy. We even made it to a couple of concerts.
December as always was our busiest month. Grandpa, Grandma and I celebrated our birthdays and of course Christmas was the biggest celebration. Santa brought a "gazillion" (to quote Matthew) presents from all over the world.

Unfortunately, with the good came the bad and we had to say goodbye to our four legged friends Nellie and Sammie. One was Grandpa's little buddy, the other was Eileen's "first baby girl".
They are now in Pet Heaven and will forever be in our memories.