Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine's Day Jewelery: Heart Shape Pendant

I have been working on this one for a while but was never happy with the finished product.
Not the right color, cord too thick, cord too thin... Now that I think I finally got it right, here it is.
For the cord I used just over 3 feet of sky blue 2.25mm knotting cord.
I tied a heart shape glass pendant with a prosperity knot. I then threaded an antique looking bead on each side of the knot and tied a double coin knot. I repeated the last step with another bead and another double coin knot. I used some spiral cord ends and a lobster-claw catch to close the necklace and voila:

For the box I used an old cardboard box that was in terrible shape but with a little creativity and a lot of Mod Podge you can work wonders.

Using a generous coat of Mod Podge, I glued some pink polka dot paper (that I had left over from an old project) to the box.

I lined the inside of the box with some white tissue paper

and closed it with a light pink ribbon.

Yes It's ok to post it now. MommyO rarely reads my blog and thanks to the Giants winning the Superbowl, she will be getting something a lot nicer.