Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Recycling some old boxes.

The other day, Matthew said he wanted to use an old shoe box to store some toys.
So I told him that we should make it look nicer.
I grabbed the comics page from the newspaper and glued it on the box with Mod Podge.
I applied four coats of Mod Podge leaving plenty of time to dry between each coat.
And we went from a boring old shoebox to a fun box that will look good in the play room.
When I was done with that project I had the idea to recycle a smaller box that I could use to hold a pipe cleaner flower arrangement. I wrapped it with an old sheet music using the same technique as for the shoebox.
Once it was done, I arranged a bunch of pipe cleaner roses in it and I left it on Eileen's night stand.
It's the little things...

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