Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Missing my bike.

As I was driving the Dadmobile on this glorious spring morning, I couldn't help but missing her.
I get that same feeling every spring. I started remembering the great times we had together, living life in the fast lane (literally). I still remember the day I made the decision to let her go. I gave her away to one very lucky guy. I can still see him pulling onto the driveway in his pick up truck to take her away from me. We didn't spend much time together anymore and as I was getting older I knew it would be wiser to go our separate ways. Even though she didn't like her, soon to be MommyO at the time said I would regret it but I didn't listen. Though we hit a few bumps on the road, we never had a fall out (thank God!). She wasn't my first one and I sure hope that she wasn't my last one either but as low maintenance as she was, I couldn't afford her right now. Sure I tried to replace her but it wasn't the same. And as I look in my rear view mirror and see Grace's gorgeous face, I wonder how well she would fit in the family. I know John would love her but would it really be safe?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Yeah!!!! He did it!!!!

We had been strugling with John's toilet training. Not only did he refuse to poop in the toilet but lately he even started peeing in his pants too. We tried pretty much everything, even bribing him. Since the boys are into Star Wars (to the point that we feel like we live on the Millenium Falcon) we promised him a light saber...Nothing! Still pooped in his underwear. Even Matthew, his oldest brother, tried to persuade him...Nothing!
Since you are all avid followers of DaddyDayCare  you must remember the post I had written on potty training.
We had tried almost everything so today I went against my beliefs and I took out the old potty. He sat on it a few times during the day...Still nothing! So I didn't have high hopes.
This evening while at work I recieved the cutest phone call from little John: "Daddy! Daddy! I did it! I pooped on the potty! Can I have a light saber?"
I guess I'll have to rethink my theory on potty training after all ;)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Washcloth Cupcakes.

Eileen is invited to a baby shower on Sunday, so I thought I would make a gift for her to bring.
It actually gave me the opportunity to make something I wanted to try for a while: washcloth cupcakes.
If you decide to do this project, here is what you'll need:
-8 washcloths
-1 cupcake box
-4 cupcake holders
- baby theme stickers
-clear tape
Since we know that they are expecting a girl, I got some Baby Girl theme stickers and some pink and purple cupcake holders.
You will need 2 washcloth per cupcake.
Start by folding the washcloth in half.
Then fold it again lengthwise and position one washcloth over the other like so:
Roll the washcloth, making sure it's not too tight, and roll the outer fold down.

Secure the cupcake with a piece of clear tape, (you could also use a clear rubber band) and place it in a holder.  
Get some help if you need too. I always have my little helper with me.
 Repeat the process until you have as many cupcakes as you need. I made 4.
Decorate the box with the stickers and you have a very cute Baby Shower gift.