Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Don't potty train!!! Toilet train!!!

A big rookie mistake when the time comes is to potty train. Yes, you heard me it is a big mistake.
Q-What is the greatest advantage of having your child going on the potty?
A-You do not have to change his diapers and clean his butt anymore.
So why on earth do you want to clean a potty?
Another reason to skip the potty is that once a child is trained on the potty he might be reticent to use the toilet, so do yourself a huge favor and skip the potty.
Toilet training will be another test of your patience so make it as easy and fun as possible.
There is no set age at which you should begin to train your child however if he holds a driver's license you might want to give him a crash course.
Most Children achieve bowel control and daytime urine control by three to four years of age. However it may take months or years to achieve the same success at night.
No matter how old your child is (within reason of course), remember to not rush him, each child learns to use the toilet in his or her own time. We are finding out that our second child will be out of diapers earlier than the first one (yeah!!!!). Also do not forget that you are your children biggest role model so put your inhibitions aside and let them see you when you go.You can also let your older ones help the younger ones with the training. And most of all, praise them, reward them (with stickers), show them how proud you are and make it FUN.

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