Friday, April 1, 2011

Washcloth Cupcakes.

Eileen is invited to a baby shower on Sunday, so I thought I would make a gift for her to bring.
It actually gave me the opportunity to make something I wanted to try for a while: washcloth cupcakes.
If you decide to do this project, here is what you'll need:
-8 washcloths
-1 cupcake box
-4 cupcake holders
- baby theme stickers
-clear tape
Since we know that they are expecting a girl, I got some Baby Girl theme stickers and some pink and purple cupcake holders.
You will need 2 washcloth per cupcake.
Start by folding the washcloth in half.
Then fold it again lengthwise and position one washcloth over the other like so:
Roll the washcloth, making sure it's not too tight, and roll the outer fold down.

Secure the cupcake with a piece of clear tape, (you could also use a clear rubber band) and place it in a holder.  
Get some help if you need too. I always have my little helper with me.
 Repeat the process until you have as many cupcakes as you need. I made 4.
Decorate the box with the stickers and you have a very cute Baby Shower gift.


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