Monday, April 4, 2011

Yeah!!!! He did it!!!!

We had been strugling with John's toilet training. Not only did he refuse to poop in the toilet but lately he even started peeing in his pants too. We tried pretty much everything, even bribing him. Since the boys are into Star Wars (to the point that we feel like we live on the Millenium Falcon) we promised him a light saber...Nothing! Still pooped in his underwear. Even Matthew, his oldest brother, tried to persuade him...Nothing!
Since you are all avid followers of DaddyDayCare  you must remember the post I had written on potty training.
We had tried almost everything so today I went against my beliefs and I took out the old potty. He sat on it a few times during the day...Still nothing! So I didn't have high hopes.
This evening while at work I recieved the cutest phone call from little John: "Daddy! Daddy! I did it! I pooped on the potty! Can I have a light saber?"
I guess I'll have to rethink my theory on potty training after all ;)


wingchick99 said...

just found your blog love your ideas want to teach my sons dad lol

DaddyO said...

Thanks for the nice comment!! I hope you'll become a follower.