Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Missing my bike.

As I was driving the Dadmobile on this glorious spring morning, I couldn't help but missing her.
I get that same feeling every spring. I started remembering the great times we had together, living life in the fast lane (literally). I still remember the day I made the decision to let her go. I gave her away to one very lucky guy. I can still see him pulling onto the driveway in his pick up truck to take her away from me. We didn't spend much time together anymore and as I was getting older I knew it would be wiser to go our separate ways. Even though she didn't like her, soon to be MommyO at the time said I would regret it but I didn't listen. Though we hit a few bumps on the road, we never had a fall out (thank God!). She wasn't my first one and I sure hope that she wasn't my last one either but as low maintenance as she was, I couldn't afford her right now. Sure I tried to replace her but it wasn't the same. And as I look in my rear view mirror and see Grace's gorgeous face, I wonder how well she would fit in the family. I know John would love her but would it really be safe?

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Sarah said...

Oh I can totally understand this. My hubby has always had a bike and I have talked him out of selling them MANY times. It is HIS thing - HIS time out - his destresser etc...