Wednesday, March 23, 2011

From old folder to personalized Nook cover.

Although the Nook I got for Christmas came with a very nice leather cover, I wanted to make a personalized one for it.
I started with an old folder and cut away the inside flaps.
 After that I placed the Nook on one side of the folder 3/4inch from he center and I traced it, leaving 3/4inch of space all around and I did the same thing on the other side then I cut it with a utility knife.

I decided to use some black and white pictures of the children to personalize it. I arranged the photos on the outside of the folder and when I was sure of my design I glued them with Mod Podge.
I allowed plenty of time to dry and I let it sit overnight under a heavy pile of books to flatten it.
I applied two coats of Hard Coat Mod Podge to the pictures, always working on wax paper, and one coat to the inside of the folder.
Once dry I used some decorative duck tape to reinforce the center of the folder. I am not crazy about the Zebra print but it was the only black and white tape I could find at Michael's.

I then trimmed and smoothed the edges to even everything out.
 And here comes the tricky part. 
I debated for a while on what to use to strap the Nook to the folder and I decided to go with some 1/4inch knit elastic glued with E6000.
And here is my finished personalized Nook Cover.

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radn said...

Love the black and white photos with the zebra fabric! very cool!