Monday, August 24, 2009

Daddy's home!!!

Many life coaches agree that one key to happiness is to make a career out of your passion(s).
Since my greatest interest is spending time with my wife and kids, I finally handed my resignation from my job as a restaurant director for a boutique restaurant group in New York City to be a stay-at-home dad. Add to that the cost of day care and the commuting expenses and the decision was fairly easy to make.
According to 9Th mom salary survey, stay-at-home moms (and I would think stay-at-home dads too) would earn $132,732.00 a year.
I have to say that I am pretty pumped at the idea of earning six figures having fun with our children every day. A "would be" six figure salary, however is not going to
be enough to take care of our monthly bills so I am looking for an evening job, which is going to throw a wrench in my plans of spending more time with my wife. Speaking of wrench, my other passion is motorcycles and cars but it will be for a future post.
Even though I am not new to this; we took the same route when our first boy was born four and a half years ago and it worked out all right, I am very excited about it. I really want it to be Daddy Day Care with days filled with crafts, stories, music, games and of course tons of fun.

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