Wednesday, July 28, 2010

On a short leash.

According to Wikipedia, a leash is a rope or similar material attached to the neck or head of an animal for restraint or control. On the animal, some leashes clip or tie to a collar, harness, or halter, while others go directly around the animal's neck.

Again, a leash is meant to be used on an animal!!! Not on a kid!!!!
I have read a lot of posts and articles on the subject and I still cannot figure out what kind of parents use a leash on their kids. Come on, how about teaching them to hold your hand and stay close to you. I understand it for some extreme cases like non verbal autistic children but most people I see using them are just lazy parents who would rather be yapping on their cell phones or texting on their crackberries while enjoying a cup of overpriced coffee instead of spending some real quality time holding and talking to their kids.
And please spare me this kind of excuse: "As a parent of 3, I LOVE knowing that I am doing everything I can to keep my children safe. And if that results in having people judge my parenting skills, go for it. Just remember parents do this out of love, not laziness." Blah, blah, blah!!!
If you love your kids so much teach them to stay close to you, teach them to hold your hands, teach them about the dangers they would encounter by not staying by your side, otherwise the day you will take that leash off, they will still want to wander away and then what?

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Meagan said...

I have totally done this, but only at the airport! I have flown on my own many times with my 3 year old son, and pretty much since he could walk I've used a backpack with a leash to make it through security. Our airport security can be a little insane some times, and a backpack leash is by far easier than bringing a stroller, or having him kick me and bash me over the head from the Ergo carrier. Especially since I tend to get over screened (IMO) and have to spend several minutes putting everything back in my carry-on that security has decided to pull out.

I don't take my son for "walks" with this thing, but knowing that I'm not going to loose him in the security screening area having to run after him, possibly miss our flight etc. It's worth the horrid looks I get to know I have him close in this specific situation.