Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The fabulous life of DaddyO

Around 6:30am, I extract myself from bed and help Matthew get dressed, not that he cannot do it by himself but it will be quicker this way. Eileen already gave him his breakfast and she is leaving for work.

I boil some water for my first cup of tea (since you all follow my blog attentively you know that I quit drinking coffee about six years ago). I put a few (frozen) waffles in the toaster oven for John and Grace's breakfast.

7:10am, time to wake John and Grace and get them ready.

7:25am, the minivan is loaded and we are on our way to the bus stop.

7:35am, I kiss Matthew good bye and wish him a great day; I am so proud of him.

We are back home 5 minutes later, John and Grace enjoy (or not) their breakfast.

While they eat their waffles, the first load of laundry (today there will be only one, sometimes there are a lot more) gets into the machine and it is time for a second cup of tea.

While I clean up breakfast, they get to play (or argue and scream at each other).

8:45am the laundry is in the dryer and since the weather is beautiful, it is time to go outside.

The little ones play until around 10:00am.

After a couple of diaper changes (John is toilet training but...) we are on our way to the library.

We read a few stories play with a puzzle and after running after Grace for a few minutes it is time to pick up a few educational DVDs and head back home.

11:30am, Lunch time. Grilled cheese sandwich for one, chicken nuggets and pasta for the other.

Yogurts for desserts.

After lunch we watch a French educational DVD that we picked up this morning.

12:30pm, after another pit stop (diaper change!), it is nap time.

Grace falls asleep almost instantly, John will be another story.

I clean up lunch, fold the Laundry and it is time for a cup of...green tea (my drink of choice in the afternoon).

I check my emails, get on the net, relax for a few minutes and at about 1:45pm, it is time to get myself ready.

At 2:25pm, I wake up John and Grace from their naps (we will pay for this later), change their diapers and we are on our way to pick up Matthew at the bus stop. In the afternoon we walk there. Actually I walk and they sit in the stroller. I always take a bag of Goldfish with us so they don't fuss. Our little kindergartner gets off the bus and we are back home a few minutes later.

2:55pm, snack time.

3:00pm, mayhem. Matthew and John keep arguing, John hits Matthew, he hits him back, Matthew is sent upstairs to his room and John in time out. I take a deep, no a very deep breath and boil more water (for my green tea!!!)

I get ready for work, I trade the shorts and Tshirt for a suit and tie. Matthew and John are back to normal but i know it is just a matter of time...

We all go outside, Matthew plays baseball and John rides his bike while I am running after Grace who tries to get out on the street.

Around 4:00pm, Mommy's here, I pass the baton and the crazyness.

I am now on my way to my "real" job; like the last ten hours I just spent were a walk in the park!!!

From 5:30pm to around midnight, I will be dealing with another kind of crazyness, trying to satisfy a bunch of spoiled people whose main problem in life is n over (or under) cooked dish.

I will be back home around 1:15am relax a bit watch the tube for a little while, get my ass in bed around 2:00 and we will do it again in about four and a half hours.

And this is the fabulous life of DaddyO, King of all Daddys.