Friday, November 11, 2011

The scariest job.

No matter how dangerous your job is or how much of a thrill seeker you are; no task, no job, nothing is scarier than raising children. Before they even take their first breath we worry about our kids. A million things could go wrong during the pregnancy. The birth itself is a frightening ordeal. And from the moment we welcome our little cherubs to this crazy world we can't stop worrying. The first few weeks of a new born can be nerve wrecking, especially with the first one. We get home from the hospital with our tiny bundle of joy after getting a few minutes crash course on how to handle him. Quite frankly, a kid getting a hamster will get better instructions. Anyway that's it, you're home, clueless, tired and stressed out. He's crying! Why? Is he hungry? Wet? In pain? He's sleeping! Is breathing? Is he breathing too fast? Too quickly? How about SIDS?
And this is just the beginning people. Kids get ill, sick, they get hurt, there is trips to the ER, hospital stays. And these are just a few of what I would call "natural" dangers. Then we have to worry about peer pressure and bullying. And as they grow up they're involved in more activities and we have to worry about more peer pressure and we also have to think about child abuse, and risk of abduction...just read the headlines, there are a lot of sick people out there.
Wow! It's enough stress to make the most level headed parent become totally insane. One solution would be to get cloned and miniaturized so I could be with each one of our kids every second of the day (no, not to spy on them, the need to spy will come later) just to make sure that they're safe.
Until that happens, we stick to plan B.
We educate them as well as we can, we teach them how to be safe, we try to be good role models and most importantly we keep telling them that they can come to us for anything. And we can only hope that they will.
No, parenthood is definitely not for sissies!

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