Thursday, April 12, 2012

Reverse Psychology.

A couple of days ago, I took the kids to ride their bikes around the lake. Matthew started whining that he didn't want to ride his bike. He was afraid to have forgotten how to do it since last year. As I was starting to lose patience I thought better of it. I told him it was fine with me. I said I wouldn't force him to do something he was scared of and that it was his choice to be the only kid in his class not being able to ride a bicycle.
And as you can guess:

Not only he got over his fear, but he wouldn't stop. I was really proud of him.
He got a little carried away:

He picked himself up and got back on the "horse".

Yesterday, as I was halfway through my run feeling lazy and ready to call it a day, I couldn't help but thinking about my little guy and how he kept on going until he made it. So I kept on going and made it to the end of my workout.
Thanks fo the inspiration Matthew.

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