Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Life happens.

What happened to us?
This is a question too familiar to most couples.
Our life is not what it used to be, most couple complain. Of course it is not!!
A few years ago, we did not have three kids and a mortgage and bills etc. A few years ago, we were able to go to the beach in a two-seater convertible without planning the day trip a month in advance. A few years ago, we would spend many sleepless night drinking bubbly and...A few years ago life was different.
A day trip to the beach now needs to be planned way in advance. It takes a long checklist to make sure we do not forget anything or anybody! The convertible has grown into the biggest minivan on the market and still we run out of room. After a two hour drive including all stops (diaper changes, bottle feedings etc) it takes another hour to unload the car and "settle" on the beach. After a quick lunch of peanut butter and sand sandwiches we play in the sand. The waves are too big for the kids to even think about going in the water. We finally decide that John ate enough sand for a year and it is time to go back home where we should be in about three hours.
With three kids four and under a day at the beach is nothing more than a very long commute to a huge sandbox.
As for our exciting sleepless nights, we still have them. The champagne has turned into Diet Pepsi over the years, and we get our thrills eating gallons of ice cream, playing Scrabble and watching Lisa Robertson on QVC, all at the same time. Yes, when you have kids you learn to multitask!
My motorcycle has shrunk into a tricycle* and the only roaring engine sounds I hear on weekends are those of a lawn mower and leaf blower.
So what happened to us?
Nothing! We decided to have a family and now we have a life. It is up to us to enjoy it.

*Don't give up on your dreams though. I know that tricycle will grow back into a bobber someday.

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