Sunday, November 15, 2009

A thin line between pride and shame.

A few weeks ago we took the kids to a Big Jeff concert down in New Jersey. They love him and for good reasons. He and his band are great for kids.
While there, we found out that there was a hot dog eating contest right around lunch time.
Anyone who knows me well, knows that I love to eat...a lot. I figured why not get a free lunch and do something for a good cause since the contest was part of a fund raiser.
So there I was trotting down a few blocks, on my way to my first "competitive eating" contest.
After giving my name to the organizers, I sat down at a table along with seven other contestants.
Two minutes later I had wolfed down sixteen dogs (no buns), just enough to tie for second place. First place ate seventeen. Since we tied for second place, we had to go for a thirty second "dog off" where I ate six more dogs to claim the only runner up spot.
As I am pretty competitive, I was disappointed not to win, especially losing by one dog. But still, I am proud: twenty two dogs in two and a half minute. What an accomplishment!!!! I am no Crazy Legs Conti but not a bad performance.
When I told the story, I had all kinds of reactions from "way to go!" to "yuk! you should be ashamed!".
The latter is right, I should be ashamed. Ashamed that I lost and I intend to eat my way to first place next year. Until then I will proudly display my second place trophy, in our kitchen of course.
Watch out Kobayashi.

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