Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A terrible mix.

We have all heard about it, learnt about it and read about it. And no matter how much warning we got, nothing prepared us for the Terrible Twos. If you google "terrible twos" you will get 23,100,000 hits. Even reading every piece of material you can put your hands on will not get you ready for it.
Now, you finally made it with your first child; you managed to deal with the tantrums, the unwillingness to share, the indecisiveness without too much damage and absolutely no valium when child number two who is also your middle child steps right into it. All the terrible two's behavior is enhanced by an incessant need for attention (no matter how much attention you give).
Going through your middle child's terrible twos is an exhausting and trying challenge. It takes an enormous amount of patience and countless deep breaths. Keep in mind that you are his parent and that you are showing him how to deal with stress so try to have fun with it. The worst part of having a two year old is that he will grow up faster than we think and one day we will miss the toddler years.
As challenging as being a parent is, the reward is so great that my advice to every parent out there is to enjoy every minute of it. Of course going through a tantrum is anything but enjoyable but someday we will all miss it...

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