Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine clay pot.

This is a very easy craft for beginners or to do with the kids.
I used an old flower pot that was collecting dust in the shed. I washed it and once dry I painted it. I had some leftover white and red paint. I did the body of the pot in white and the top in red. 
On my last trip to ACMoore I had bought a 500 valentine sticker book on sale for $0.75. Once the paint was dry, we decorated the pot with the stickers.

Then John and I applied three coats of Mod Podge leaving plenty of time for each coat to dry.
We will fill it up with plenty of home made goodies.
This coming Monday the kids are going to finger paint on a t-shirt, we are also going to make some Valentine chocolates etc...
So stay tune for more Valentine theme crafts.

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