Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Paracord Stocking Stuffers.

Since we are big Jets fans, as you can see above, I figured I would take a few minutes this afternoon to make a couple of green and white survival* (friendship*) bracelets.
For one bracelet, I used about 5 feet of each color paracord so about 10 feet altogether. I also used a 3/8inch side release buckle to make it easy for them to put on and take off.
I hope they will wear them proudly when the Jets make it to the superbowl. Although, by then I might have to make some bigger ones, the kids will be all grown up!!

*The boys need to work on their friendship, the Jets on their season survival.

Here is also a picture of the watchband I made for myself a couple weeks ago. It goes well with this watch and got a lot of compliments.

I did not post a tutorial, there are so many ressources on the internet. Here are a few  very  useful links.


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