Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Things They Say...

Me, this morning: "Guys, I cleaned up and organized your playroom, so please try to keep it this way until Christmas. Otherwise Santa won't know where to leave the presents if it's a mess."
Matthew: "Santa doesn't leave the presents in the playrom, he leaves them under the tree. Besides, last year it was messy and he left the presents anyway!"
Me: Sigh...

Yesterday, listening to WFAN:
Matthew: "Daddy, I'll never play for the Mets!"
Me: "What if they're the only team who wants you?"
Matthew: "I'll play for the Yankkes and I'll have a no trade clause."
He's not 7 years old yet and he knows about a no trade clause!!

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Andy said...

Tell your boys if the play room is clean the more room Santa has to leave presents. So keep it clean to leave lots of room! Great blog!

Good luck with your boys! I have two girls and I am learning as I go! ~ Andy