Sunday, November 28, 2010

Personalized gifts from Glaze Pottery & Art Studio.

Here is a great gift idea for Christmas (or any occasion for that matter): a personalized pottery.
So we took our three little ones to Glaze yesterday, where they painted some plates and mugs for my family and they had a great time doing it.

I could not say enough about this pottery and art studio. Not only the owners and staff are very friendly but they are very patient and helpful with kids.
The quality of the pottery is excellent, Eileen had the boys decorate a mug for me for Valentine's day two years ago that I use almost every day, and there are so many different pieces to chose from, it is almost overwhelming.
So again, even if you are not from the area, take a drive up (or down) to Orangeburg, stop at Glaze and have the kids and yourself decorate a pottery and create some memories that will last a lifetime.

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