Monday, November 29, 2010

Recycled crayons stocking stuffers

This is certainly not a new idea and I have seen it done many different ways, but here is how I recycled our crayons.
  • Unwrap the crayons and sort them by color. You can also mix some colors together for a funkier look.
  • Melt your crayons in a "bain marie" (in a container dipped in boiling water).
  • Once melted pour the wax into a candy mold.
  • Let it cool down, you can stick them in the freezer to save time. Once cool they will pop right out of the molds.
  • Put them in a box or bag with a little message. Mine will say "Have a colorful Christmas with these crayons." You can also add a coloring page that you can download from the internet. Click here for some free pages.

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run around anne said...

Hey Jerome- Happy Thanksgiving!! I see you and the litle ones are keeping busy, and very creative as always. I must say, this crayon thing is awesome! Anyway, just dropping in to say hello.. I have to come by Brasserie one of these days with baby G. It's been far too long! Miss you! Say hi to Eileen and those adorable little ones for me! xoxoxo