Friday, September 18, 2009

Daddy, please don't throw the box away!!!

It would take Eileen and me over a week to make an inventory of all the toys Matthew, John and Grace have and we might run out of ink and paper before we are done.
From educational toys to blocks, construction sets, Thomas the tank engine sets, puzzles, cars, trucks, musical instruments... You name it, they have it. You cannot walk into their playroom without stepping on something.
And what is their favorite toy? A big cardboard box!!!
Of course it happens at some point to every parent out there. It is nothing new. Kids love to play with cardboard boxes. It leaves room for their imagination.
A car is a car no matter what. A box can be a house, a plane, a princess castle, a boat, anything they want it to be. Matthew wants to build a rocket ship but we are saving that project for a rainy day.
So the next time you are on your way to a toy store do yourself and them a favor, stop by a u-haul store and get the biggest boxes you can get. Or better yet, save the box from your next delivery and have fun with them.
Today, the delivery was not very big so they turned the box into a cosy house and I had an instant baby sitter.

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