Wednesday, September 16, 2009

You are a rich man.

Working in the same restaurant for the past few years, I have developed some good relationships with regular customers. Many of them ask me for updates on the kids and the family so I always keep some updated pictures in my pocket.
Last Friday evening, as I was proudly showing the pictures to an elderly couple, they were complimenting me on how happy the kids looked.
After seeing all the picture, the gentleman looked at me and said "You are a rich man. You have a beautiful and happy family."
Unfortunately, wealth is not measured by how many happy and healthy kids you have. In this day and age, wealth is about what kind of car you drive, how big a house you live in and how much money is in your bank account.

Although we do live in a nice town, I drive a (very) used Kia Minivan and our house is, as they say in real estate, "cosy".

Every night when I pull into our driveway, I do not see my dream car
and I do not need a map of the house to make it to the bedroom (shame on us we do not sleep in a master suite) but I can say one thing, we might not really be rich but I am really happy.

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