Saturday, September 12, 2009

Swim to me Puppy.

"Swim to me puppy" from MGA Entertainment is a cute little puppy that can walk and swim all day so that kids can follow him around. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, right? No, absolutely nothing wrong until your precious little one follows him to the edge of the pool, watches him dive and...
According to a Consumer Product safety Commission report,
nearly 300 children younger than 5 drown in pools and spas each year, and about 3,000 suffer pool or spa-related injuries requiring attention at hospital emergency rooms. About two-thirds of the pool and spa-related deaths and injuries involve children ages 1-2, with about 80% of the drowning fatalities occurring in residential settings, such as the victim’s home, a family or friend’s house or at a neighbor’s residence.
All of a sudden the little pup does not seem so nice anymore.
I am not on a crusade to get this toy banned or run MGA Entertainment out of business, however I believe this toy should be advertised differently. It is getting mixed consumer reviews and could be a fun bath toy.
For all of you pool owners, unless you live with Craig Pomeroy or Shauni McClain, remember that this cute little pup can be big trouble.

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